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MTU Researcher Develops Low Cost Integrated PVT System

Pátek, Červenec 6th, 2012

Tiny houses don’t have much room on their tiny roofs, and that’s a problem when it comes to finding space for solar panels, let alone a combined solar power system that can generate both electricity and heat. However, help is on the way in the form of a new compact photovoltaic thermal energy system under development at Michigan Technological University, and it could help make off-grid solar power more cost-effective for larger buildings, too.

The installed cost of solar power would be substantially lower with an integrated system that maximizes all of the available solar potential in a relatively small space.

The good news, according to MTU, is that commercially available solar systems are already highly cost-efficient at collecting solar energy for heat and hot water.

The bad news is, thermal systems are not as popular as they could be, because all you get is the heat and hot water. For electricity you need photovoltaic panels, and since conventional solar panels can easily take up all of the available roof space, that leaves the thermal system out in the cold.

Lead researcher Joshua Pearce focused on thin-film silicon technology, which is far cheaper than conventional solar cells based on crystalline silicon. For rooftop applications, it also has a weight advantage.

However, thin-film technology faces a major obstacle. Its efficiency can degrade significantly after prolonged exposure to light, an effect called the Staebler-Wronski effect.

Pearce’s solution, developed in collaboration with the company ThinSilicon and Queen’s University in Canada, basically involved creating thicker thin-film cells that can be applied directly to a solar thermal energy collector.

The thicker cells essentially overcame the Staebler-Wronski effect, and the research team also found that they could even boost their electrical efficiency by about 10 percent, by “baking” them in near-boiling temperatures once a day (a process called spike annealing).

Aside from helping to spread the solar love around to more building owners, a high-efficiency, low-cost PVT system could have important implications for the Obama Administration’s national energy policy.

One element of the policy is the transition to smart grid technologies that rely more on distributed energy, including rooftop installations. Along with supporting more clean energy and energy efficiency, the distributed energy model will help to reduce the threat of widespread power outages in an era of increasingly erratic weather.

Another key element is the SunShot Initiative, named after the iconic 1960′s era Moon Shot program that rapidly vaulted the U.S. from an also-ran to the winner of the race to the moon.

The aim of SunShot is to bring the cost of solar power down to parity with fossil fuels, while propelling the U.S. back into the leadership position it once held in the global solar energy market.

Part of the SunShot effort relies on increasing the efficiency of solar cells, but equally important is its focus on simply lowering the cost of installing solar systems, and that’s where Pearce’s integrated PVT system could offer the most significant savings.

Market Ready

Čtvrtek, Červen 28th, 2012

Our two children share a bedroom, and it looks cramped. What can we do to make the room appear larger?

It’s important to make your space feel as generous as possible before opening your home to potential buyers — particularly if your sleeping quarters, or those of your children, appear cramped and uncomfortable.

“When you’re selling your apartment, you’re selling someone else’s vision to them,” said Fanny Montalvo, a managing director at A. C. Lawrence & Company real estate in New York. If a room is already stuffed full of furniture and other belongings, “it doesn’t allow them the opportunity to imagine what they could do to it.”

And when you’re considering the design of a child’s room, remember that some buyers may have other intentions for the space. “You’re looking to attract every buyer, not just someone who has children,” Ms. Montalvo said. “When a couple or single person is looking to buy the space, they’re looking at that room as a den or guest room.”

One solution, she suggested, is installing a pair of Murphy beds: “When the beds are folded up, it really is a den.”

Murphy bed units also offer the opportunity to add built-in wardrobes, drawers and shelving, she noted, which would create more storage space for toys and clothing.

A set of bunk beds is another excellent option, said Cortney Novogratz, a New York designer with seven children who is a host of the HGTV show “Home by Novogratz” with her husband, Robert. “You can put it against a wall, and have two kids sleep there,” she said. “What kid doesn’t like bunk beds? They’re a great way to go.”

Most bunk beds will fit in rooms with ceiling heights as low as eight feet, she said (but maybe “put the younger child on top,” she added).

A work surface is also a good idea. “Kids always need an area to create, but it doesn’t have to be very big and it doesn’t have to be very deep,” she said. She recommended the Besta Burs desk from Ikea, which is less than 16 inches deep, but long enough to provide space for two children.

Pair the desk with stools, she said, “because they can easily be tucked underneath, which creates more floor space.” Similarly, she suggested removing any floor lamps from the room and using only desk lamps and ceiling-mounted light fixtures: “Any time you can create more room on the floor, it gives the kids not only space to wrestle and hang out, but also makes the room seem bigger.”

Using these strategies, she said, she and her husband were able to create a comfortable space for a client’s triplets in a small bedroom in Hell’s Kitchen.

But the most effective intervention, she noted, is probably the least expensive: clear out clutter.

“With children, we go to birthday parties and come back with all these goodie bags, and before you know it, you have so much stuff,” she said. “Donate toys and clothes, and give things away. Even if you just spend an afternoon making bags, you’ll be surprised how much stuff your kids have accumulated.”

ETC Sensor3 in London’s National Theatre

Pátek, Červen 15th, 2012

ETC has begun supplying its latest style of power control product, Sensor3, which was specifically introduced to address the changing needs of venues.

Reaching the market at the same time as mainstream LED lighting fixtures, such as ETC’s Source Four LED, the ThruPower modules are designed to work with Sensor3 to provide a perfect power control solution for the growing variety of loads, allowing selection of constant, dim or relay modes.

London’s National Theatre has received and commissioned one of the first Sensor3 installations in the UK. Lighting resources manager Michael Atkinson comments, “We expect to see an increasing number of LED and automated fixtures in the rigs across the theatre in the next few years, and so it makes sense to prepare the venue for the future. This move from solid state relays to proper air gap relays will work much better with switch mode power supplies found on today’s fixtures.”

ETC market manager Erik Larsen adds, “Through White Light, ETC supplied two 48-module Sensor3 Power Control racks, with 168 ways of dimming via ETC’s new ThruPower modules. These feed lighting bars already populated with a range of luminaires: they include a mix of LED, tungsten and intelligent fixtures. This is ETC’s vision of the future: rather than one type of lighting being dominant, each works well both individually and in combination with others; and for circumstances like this, our new ThruPower modules mean that they can all be powered without any challenges.”

Mark White, ETC’s regional manager for the UK & Ireland says, “How appropriate that the National Theatre has chosen our state of the art Power Control system. The National has always been at the forefront in having cutting edge equipment, so ETC is proud to see them installing equipment fit for the next generation of energy efficient lighting sources.”

The equipment was supplied by White Light’s project manager Esther Heaslip, with the venue having already begun using them on The Last of the Haussmans by Stephen Beresford, which opened on 12 June.

ThruPower modules are a convenient, multi-configurable solution for modern theatres; venues which already have Sensor and Sensor+ dimming systems can simply upgrade to the latest CEM3 processor.

Sensor3’s integrated design means fewer parts for fewer failures, while plug-in modularity allows for more configurability, customisation and easy maintenance. The new processor unit adds a larger graphical display and a numeric keypad, making system setup and management simpler than ever.

Sensor3 Power Control is ideal for theatres, broadcast studios, concert and performance halls - be they newly designed or retrofits,” concludes product manager Jake Dunnum.

The Lyttelton is a traditional proscenium arch theatre with seating for 890 people on two levels: stalls and circle. It is the middle of three theatres, with the Olivier seating over 1,000 and Cottesloe seating around 300. As well as the three theatres, the National hosts talks, music and exhibitions, as well as outdoor performances during the summer months.

New LED Hybrid Laser

Čtvrtek, Červen 14th, 2012

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, expands its professional projector series with the new commercially oriented Pro8300, while previewing its LED hybrid laser technology in the Pro9000.

Pro9000 Professional AV LED Hybrid Laser Projector Being previewed for the first time at InfoComm, ViewSonic will be demonstrating its new hybrid laser and LED Full HD Pro9000 projector. With this breakthrough technology, the LED light and lasers combine to create a single light source, resulting in vibrant and rich display color that far exceeds that of a normal mercury light projector. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this mercury-free technology also delivers a longer operation life of 20,000+ hours. Paired with dual HDMI ports and its convenient lamp-free design, the Pro9000 is ideal for home cinema environments and Pro-AV installations. The Pro9000 is expected to be available in Q3 2012.

“Laser hybrid illumination technology has changed the way that projectors are able to manipulate light and images. This new model is lamp-free for an even lower total cost of ownership. As a result, users get a higher quality picture and ultra high contrast ratio, making projectors with this technology ideal for home entertainment, professional audio-video, corporate or education use,” said Roger Chien, product manager for ViewSonic.

Pro8300 Professional 1080p Commercial Grade Projector The ideal choice for business data projection, this Full HD 1080p commercial grade DLP(R) projector is packed with convenient features and options. The Pro8300 incorporates BrilliantColor(TM) Technology with a powerful Pixelworks(R) 10-bit image processor for vivid colors, while its 1920×1080 native resolution, 3,000 ANSI lumens and a 4,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio produce razor sharp images that shine in virtually any ambient light environment. Paired with a wide 1.5X optical zoom adjustment for more than 36% additional zooming capability and integrated speakers, the Pro8300 delivers stunning audio and visual experience.

For the ultimate in ease-of-use and convenience, the Pro8300 has a multitude of connectivity options including dual HDMI, dual VGA, and dual computer VGA inputs. As a result, multiple presenters can easily connect an assortment of multimedia devices to the projector simultaneously — from laptops and tablets to smartphones and more. Paired with auto keystone correction, a filter-less design, and energy-saving mode, the Pro8300 provides for zero maintenance, while delivering a lower TCO and longer product life.

The Pro8300 will be available this month in North and Latin America for an ESP of $869. The Pro8300 comes standard with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty, in addition to a 1-year lamp warranty and Express Exchange(R) Service*.

“Full HD resolution has become somewhat of a standard feature across consumer home and cinema entertainment projectors; however, finding hi-def capabilities in a quality yet affordable projector offering for businesses is far less common,” continued Chien. “Our Pro8300 breaks tradition by bringing precise standalone 1080p projection to business owners and corporations at a price that’s within reach for any company.”

Smart Candles Announces a Product Line of Candle Holders for Rechargeable Votive Candles

Pátek, Červen 1st, 2012

LED flameless candle distributor Smart Candle announces that its product line now includes candle holders for rechargeable votives. Smart Candle’s exclusive line of candle holders fit both diverse lifestyles and commercial interior-design themes. Customers can choose from a wide range of holders in various styles, colors, and sizes.

Smart Candle offers wax, cafe frosted, covered, and Hollowick candle holder designs. Smart Candle’s wax candle holders are made of 100% paraffin wax. Wax candle holders are designed with a drilled-out ledge to fit rechargeable votive candles. Cafe-frosted glass holders, in contrast, feature a minimalistic design and capably accommodate battery votive candles.

Covered holders, meanwhile, are Smart Candle’s most intricate design, creating the illusion of realistic candlelight with rechargeable votive candles. Covered holders include acanthus, ventil, and egg styles. Smart Candle’s Hollowick holders feature a durable design that is suitable for both the food service and hospitality industries. Hollowick holders are available in various styles, including porcelain cylinders with white bubbles or ferns, glass jewel cylinders, and solid onyx cylinders in honeyed hues.

“Our candle holders are excellent solutions for enhancing an interior or exterior space,” says Smart Candle representative Josh Kutzler. “Our Hollowick jeweled horizontal rib block lamps in gold, translucent, and red look beautiful during evening ceremonies and wedding receptions. You can create natural-looking candlelight for any outdoor event by placing battery votive candles in our weather-resistant, ventil-covered holders.”

Efficient LEDs for red and blue light have been available for some time, but LEDs that produce green light with acceptable luminance were not available.  The new Osram Ostar Projection Cube has now filled this important gap. At 110 lumens per watt (lm/W), it is much more efficient than all other previously available green LEDs in the embedded projection sector.

For the first time, the Osram Ostar Projection Cube enables sufficient output to be achieved in embedded projectors. “The new LED almost doubles the brightness in smart phone applications, so embedded projectors with a system brightness of up to 25 lumens are possible,” said Wolfgang Schnabel, Marketing Manager, Projection, at Osram Opto Semiconductors. This means that the image is clearly visible even without dimming and ambient lighting and, thanks to the efficiency of LED technology, the projector can also be used in mobile applications with limited battery capacity.

The new green LED is available in two versions – with a 1 mm or with a 0.75 mm edge-length chip, providing a solution for all standard imager formats in mobile applications.  They produce 260 lumens at 700 mA and 2.3 W or 130 lumens at 350 mA and 1.2 W, respectively.

Such high luminance from a small surface area is made possible with the aid of special encapsulation. This sharply defines the light surface so that the light is emitted without package reflections. With a footprint of 3.8 x 4.1 mm and a height of only 0.6 mm, the new LED enables extremely low-profile projection engines to be designed – ideal for modern smart phones and cameras. The Ostar Projection Cube does not have a glass cover, which means that external optics can be placed very close to it resulting in maximum efficiency.

Guy Wins Motorcycle USA Custom Honda Fury

Čtvrtek, Květen 24th, 2012

Delivering the mail will soon be a whole lot funner for Guy Fernandez of Berthoud, Colorado. Why you say? Because Guy, a Postal Service worker, will soon be rippin’ around his hometown on a sweet customized 2011 Honda Fury courtesy of Motorcycle USA. Fernandez was lucky enough to beat out thousands of other entries in a random drawing to win the custom Honda cruiser we gave away in conjunction with the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows held at the International Motorcycle Shows (IMS). Thanks to our gesture, Fernandez is our new “No. 1 Fan.”

But it wasn’t an easy process. The custom Fury traveled to all 12 stops of the IMS, culminating in the Ultimate Custom Builder finals in Daytona Beach. Thousands of people who saw it entered to win by voting for the “People’s Choice” while others, like Fernandez, entered the giveaway via traditional snail mail. Envelopes arrived in the Motorcycle USA office from all around the country. After spending months on the road traveling around the country, the custom Fury is temporarily back in our hands but soon it will be heading to Berthoud to meet its new owner.

Motorcycle USA’s custom 2011 Honda Fury has crazy cool gold metal flake paint and pinstriping applied by the crew over at Cutting Edge Illusion, insuring that it’s one of a kind. Low and Mean also helped us set the Fury apart from the crowd by sending over more aggressively cut fenders and by helping drop the rear with a lowered rear spring.

Accutronix sent over a set of industrial strength Diamond “Night Series” forward controls and front rigid pegs to add to its ill disposition while Cobra Speedster Swept Pipes and a PowrFlo Air Intake System give it a meaner growl and more go than a stock bike. Small details like an Accutronix sidemount license plate and a Low and Mean LED brake light strip give it more custom street cred. The final touch was applied by Burns Auto Upholstery who stitched a Motorcycle USA sprocket logo in the middle of the leather seat. We’ve sampled it and the Fury is a lean, clean hard-charging machine.

Fernandez couldn’t believe his stroke of good luck, especially since it will be the first real motorcycle the professed scooter rider has owned. Granted, a 1312cc V-Twin is a big step up from a small step-thru scooter, but the father of two is both excited and nervous about the proposition. But we helped assuage his worries by pointing out the easy going nature of the Honda Fury, from its smooth handling to manageable power. Now he’s got a new topic of water cooler conversation when talking to his buddies who ride Harleys. And considering he’s got two daughters in grad school, a new motorcycle is a just reward for a man who apparently has done his role as father well. It also means he’s an empty nester, which means he’s got a little more time to enjoy some of the incredible roads in his neck of the woods in Colorado.

Motorcycle USA officially congratulates Guy Fernandez, winner of our custom 2011 Honda Fury giveaway. We’d also like to thank everybody who entered the contest and caught the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows at the IMS.

Radiant Optoelectronics Gears Up for LED Lighting Entry

Pátek, Duben 27th, 2012

Radiant Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Chairman B.R. Wang recently said his company will start entering into the LED lighting sector this year, with commercial products to be primary products in the initial stage.

Wang, whose company makes backlight modules for personal computers, said the company will make most of its advantage in light guide plate R&D to drum up built-to-order contracts among international lighting brands. He said the company’s lighting operation can provide customers with integrated service using its light guide plate technology and backlight module knowhow.

The chairman pointed out that the company will start to build up competitive strength and footholds for its LED lighting operation over next three to five years. Noting that lighting operation will not account for much of the company’s revenue, which reached NT$63.4 billion (US$2.1 billion at US$1: NT$29) in 2011, Wang said that the company would not be outshone by existing LED-lighting manufacturers on the island in terms of LED lighting revenue.

Wang pointed out that although the company does not have integrated manufacturing capability boasted by many of existing LED lighting manufacturers on the island, its unmatched procurement volume of LEDs every month provides it with the bargaining chip for price negotiation with LED suppliers.

When people in the LED lighting industry are concerned about issues associated with light intensity and price, Wang is considering how to make the lamps look more charming.

The island’s heavyweight LED makers, including Epistar Inc., Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Lextar Electronics Corp., Delta Electronics Inc. and Edison Opto Corp., estimated the recent considerable hikes of oil prices and electricity rates on the island will give a boost to the island’s LED lighting industry.

Crosland Park clean up, open house are Saturday

Pátek, Duben 20th, 2012

The Crosland Park Neighborhood Association will hold its annual Clean Up on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. Everyone is welcome to participate. Those joining in on the fun are asked to meet in front of the Crosland Park Neighborhood House, 1248 Crosland Drive.

Immediately following the Clean Up is the City of Aiken and Aiken Properties Open House Extravaganza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eight homes will be open for viewing and for sale. The starting point for this event will be 892 Alfred St.

The event will be broadcast live by WAAW featuring Bryan Williams, host of “Urban Showcase.”

SCE&G will be on hand to explain how we can save money on monthly utility bills.

Steve Brown, an expert on lighting, will speak with residents about the value of using CFLs and LED bulbs. Brown will have a light meter demonstrating the watt savings of CFLs.

Cindy Cardona, a home energy check-up field representative, will also represent SCE&G. Cardona is an expert on energy efficiency and one of several BPI-certified representatives who performs free in-home visual audits. She will be on hand to help residents understand how they can improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Staff from City of Aiken and Aiken Properties will be on hand to show several homes for sale by the City of Aiken, including one never before shown: 622 Schroder. Also participating in the Open House are Kings Sport Realty and Gold Ivy Realty.

For those seeking information about improving their credit or establishing credit, they should stop by as well as information will be available to help those wishing to find out more about their credit.

The consumption of General Lighting LED lamps in the United States reached $592 million in 2011, an increase of 22% over 2010and the market is forecast reach $2.4 billion in the year 2016, according to a new LED lamp market forecast and research report from ElectroniCast.

This report covers 3 major LED lamp application categories: Government, Commercial/Industrial and Residential.The 584-page market report highlights the Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamp market, forecast for double-digit growth partially offset by the price declines, and the Multifaceted Reflector (MR) compatible lamps market forecast for impressive growth as the technology evolves to provide equivalent brightness  to halogen MR lamps and competitive pricing; The report also reveals that the market for LED-based Decorative lamps will increase at well-over 40% per year, And  that LED-based Linear (Tube) Lamps - an emerging competitor to the fluorescent tube– are forecast to increase in quantity at a very impressive annual growth of over 90%, well beyond the pace of the rest of the market.

Excelitas Technologies Introduces its Newest “White” ACULED for Medical OEM Applications

Pátek, Duben 13th, 2012

Excelitas Technologies, a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high-performance technology solutions, announced the introduction of its newest model in the ACULED Family of Chip-On-Board LED packages, one expressly designed to meet the rigorous performance requirements of medical applications such as surgical operating room lights, examination lights, and dental operatory lights.

Excelitas’ newest ACULED model contains 4 separately addressable LED chips to provide widely tunable color temperatures (CCT) from 3500o to 5500oK, while maintaining the high Color Rendering Index (CRI), high R9 value, and light output (luminous flux) required in the operating room. With the new ACULED model, CRIs over 95 are achievable along with R9 values of well above 90. CRI is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce colors in comparison to a reference light source, evaluated on a 100-point scale. The R9 value indicates how well the light shows deep, saturated shades of red. The color red is clearly critical in medical applications such as surgery.

Additional benefits of the ACULED platform include excellent heat transfer from the chips to substrate and heat sink, and its compact design with chips that are extremely closely spaced, allowing for improved color mixing and compact optics.

Excelitas offers a standard 4-chip COB package (ACULED Model R3C6) that comes with Warm-white, Cool-white, Red, and Cyan LED dice. In addition, Excelitas offers a variety of design-your-own (DYO) chip combinations, one of the hallmarks of the flexible ACULED platform. All ACULED models are manufactured in Excelitas Technologies’ Pfaffenhofen, Germany facility, which is ISO 9001-certified.

“Excelitas’ newest ACULED for high CRI medical applications is an important addition to our growing portfolio of solid state lighting products that are specifically designed for integration into OEM medical applications such as surgical operating room lights,” said Joel Falcone, senior vice president and general manager of Excelitas Technologies’ global lighting business.

“LEDs are rapidly becoming the standard for surgical operating room lighting versus halogen and Xenon technologies and, through its flexible ACULED platform, Excelitas is excited to be able to provide medical OEMs with attractive options for a surgical lighting system that can effectively balance color temperature with CRI and light brightness,” Mr. Falcone added.

Orion Solar offers free 32-page information booklet on solar LED lighting systems

Čtvrtek, Duben 12th, 2012

Orion Solar Pty Ltd  has released a new information booklet on the EG-Series solar powered outdoor lighting systems.

The EG-Series solar LED lighting systems are ideal for lighting up locations or areas that are either very difficult or too expensive to be provided power. These lighting systems are suitable for several outdoor applications including pathway lighting, bicycle track lighting, roadway lighting, car park lighting and street lighting among others.

The off-grid solar powered LED lighting systems are reliable, versatile and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Orion Solar has supplied EG-Series solar LED lighting systems to several councils in Western Australia, and which continue to function even after experiencing cyclonic conditions.

The free 32-page booklet provides detailed specifications regarding construction, operating profiles, lumen output and IES light distributions. The booklet is designed to assist planners in selecting the correct model of EG-Series lights for any given application as well as provide a guide to pole height and spacing.

JEC Energy Savings, located in Richardson, Texas is an innovative lighting design company. The company’s vibrant induction lighting was installed at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, which led to dramatic energy-efficiency in the hospital facility. In addition, it delivered maximum lighting quality and performance in the facility’s parking garages.

The hospital’s parking garages were recently installed with JEC induction lighting. Improved 100,000-hour JEC induction fluorescent bulbs replaced over 2,000 garage fixtures equipped with 10,000 hour metal halide bulbs, thus ensuring up to 11 years of maintenance free operation.

JEC Energy Savings’ VP of Sales and Marketing, Mark Welker stated that Children’s Medical Center preferred induction lighting over LED lighting due to its efficiency in both cost and performance. Its excellent light quality and reduced glare were preferred even by the courtesy patrol.

Induction lighting technology is well-recognized and well-accepted due to its eco-friendly features such as less energy usage and less mercury usage per hour of operation, besides its extended life span.

According to the President of JEC Energy Savings, Carlos Ochoa, the multi-featured induction lighting attracts building owners. It is durable and suitable for exterior lighting applications and garage decks that are prone to frequent vibration. Furthermore, this white lighting is not accompanied by any buzzing sound that is common among traditional High Intensity Discharge lighting systems.