LED lights on duct tape prom dress

Whoever makes the best prom dress out of duct tape could win up to $20,000 split upon the applicants and schools that they represent.

Creating art comes natural to Lindale senior Carmen Montgomery.

“I like being different, I like looking different, I like doing different things, it’s a hobby I guess,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery started working with duct tape in eighth grade.

“I made purses to wallets and then I made a giant mural out of duct tape and I actually sold one on commission,” said Montgomery.

But this year she decided to take things to the next level. A prom dress and suit with 3-D objects.

“My fingers would got raw from ripping the tape off and sticking it into place,” said Montgomery.

The highlight of the outfit are the LED lights. Carmen’s date, Myles Stewart says they were definitely the center of attention prom night.

“I went to go get some food, I couldn’t find Carmen and someone moved, and I was like, ‘there she is,’. I just saw a bunch of lights coming off of her,” said Stewart.

Montgomery picked “Day and Night” as the theme, she says it suited her relationship.

“We have this ongoing joke that I’m very bright, I have light hair and light skin, and he’s very dark, likes to wear dark colors and he’s got dark hair,” explained Montgomery.

But on the dance floor, it hardly seemed to be “night”.

“When we were dancing there would be a three foot perimeter around us that was just bright light just from our own personal lights,” said Stewart.

Montgomery says even though it took a lot of work it was worth it.

“I had a lot of fun doing it, and even if I don’t win the scholarship, I’m glad I did it,” said Montgomery.

The voting period has not begun yet for the 2012 “Stuck At Prom” scholarship winner.

It begins in June.  Carmen says she wants to hold off posting her picture, for the chance the LED lights will stay unique.

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