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Clean Green Nation Partners With Lockhart, Texas’s Lanetta McClure

Úterý, Únor 28th, 2012

Clean Green Nation, a company that provides renewable energy equipment and energy efficient products to consumers, has formed a partnership with Lanetta McClure, a green professional based in Lockhart, Texas.

As an authorized Clean Green Nation partner, McClure will provide the highest quality green products and services to consumers throughout the region. She specializes in various topics dealing with green living including solar power, wind power, LED lighting, energy efficient products and green living education. McClure’s foremost goal as a Clean Green partner will be to supply tips for going green in Lockhart TX to consumers based on her extensive knowledge of regional eco friendly topics.

“I’m definitely looking forward to helping out our great country through advocating a number of environmental advances,” says McClure. “There are plenty of new and different energy solutions that many people are not aware of; solutions that will ultimately lead to a greener lifestyle. Take for example, the residential solar power Lockhart, TX has to offer: it’s a readily available tool that many residents would benefit from on a daily basis.”

McClure will also feature a number of energy efficient products for sale in her online store. Here, businesses and homeowners in the Lockhart area will be able to shop, compare and purchase green products ranging from solar generators to LED light bulbs directly from a reputable dealer: Clean Green Nation.

“Clean Green Nation is giving me the opportunity to provide people with a multitude of different resources to help them live greener,” says McClure. “The overall goal here is to create a green energy supply that residents in Texas, and eventually the country, can use in lieu of traditional sources. The idea is that soon wasteful sources of energy, like coal power, will be phased out by renewable alternatives.”

Through both the sale of its products and the efforts by its professional partners, Clean Green Nation aims to heighten the public knowledge of renewable energy sources and advocate a greener standard of living in North America. The company’s top goal is to strive toward foreign energy dependence and the creation of a thriving green energy industry.

Let there be light, and music!

Úterý, Listopad 15th, 2011

iPod/iPhone docks are dime a dozen for the longest time ever since Steve Job’s idea took off in an explosive way, and most of the time, they come in the form of a built-in alarm clock, some with bigger speakers than the rest. Well, what M&C Lighting has in store is something totally different – taking the road less traveled, so to speak, by coming in the form of a lamp. Yes sir, not only can you dock your portable media player cum phone from Apple in here to juice it up and play your favorite tunes, you will also be able to use the artistically named t’Light S to provide enough light while you read the latest book on poets.

Having a heart for the environment, the t’Light S will boast eco-friendly illumination from a 5W LED in addition to audio output and a charging function. Why LED, you ask? For starters, it not only has a superior life, but will also consume far less juice compared to other light sources without having any detrimental impact on light quality. The t’Light S is not only suitable for reading, but will also do its part to protect your eyesight as well. It seems that M&C Lighting recommends this as a night light if you need some sort of light while sleeping, where the included remote control will enable you to dim the LED light accordingly via a range of settings.

The couple of built-in stereo loudspeakers are said to deliver superior sound when you dock your iPod or iPhone. TDMA technology does away with any interference emitted by your iPhone. The remote control will also control not only the LED light, but it can also play, pause, turn to previous/next and adjust the volume accordingly. If you want, the t’Light S will double up as your stereo loudspeaker, although chances are it will work far better as a nightlight than to raise temperatures by playing back “Party Rock Anthem”.

This is done through a smart LED lighting grid combined with motion and light sensors at each desk.

The system will even take into account ambient light such as daylight and glare from the neighbours’ bulbs when adjusting the brightness overhead.

‘No more being blinded by the reflection off the computer screen,’ said Dr Tan Yen Kheng, a research fellow who leads the team from the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University.

Because LED bulbs react much faster than their fluorescent equivalents, the system can also light the way when workers move around in the office at night – and then switch off once the person has passed by. Motion sensors prompt the system to switch off cubicle lights at vacated desks.

The team has conducted a small trial involving two offices at the institute over the past year. The result was a 45 per cent reduction in electricity use.

This led to a deal last week between Nanyang Technological University, industrial landlord JTC Corporation and Royal Philips Electronics. All three will test the system next year, possibly in the CleanTech Park.

Dr Tan acknowledged that companies may not want to install the technology because LED bulbs cost up to $30 each while the more common fluorescent variety can be bought for only a few dollars.

Jollibee’s new ‘lounge and cafe

Čtvrtek, Listopad 10th, 2011

JOLLIBEE Food Corporation, the biggest hamburger foodchain in the country, has now upped the dining experience with its new “lounge” and “cafe” inspired-look, that provides a more comfortable and relaxed ambiance but at the same time delivers the same “langhap-sarap” goodness that Jollibee has been known for.

“At Jollibee we constantly innovate and find ways to give our customers a pleasant dining experience especially since most of them consider our stores as their second home,” said Jollibee Assistant Vice President for Marketing Joel Villamayor.

Lounge chairs, soft-cushion ottomans, wider windows, high ceilings, box-shaped light fixtures, and more neutral and light colored walls.

These are the designs and features of the new Jollibee look which was introduced at its newest branch at corner of Amang Rodriguez and Marcos Highways in Pasig City.

“This fresh design shows our commitment to make our stores look more universal and at par with global standards that if you put it in a different country, it will go head on against international brands,” Jollibee design consultant Maricar Zaldarriaga said.

Zaldarriaga said the new Jollibee stores exudes a “minimalist, contemporary” look which has less clutter and a cleaner and wider look that are at same time comfortable, soft and allows one to bond.

She said it combines “upscale sophistication” and the “high energy, and cheerful” character of Jollibee.

“With this new look, it’s really very focused on Jollibee,” she said citing the use of the red color which is the loudest color in the sea of browns, beige, light green, white and yellows that are abundant in the store, and the new curved and more vibrant colored menu boards at the counter and at the drive thru to emphasize the food selection.

“Red is what draws the eye towards the whole architecture. It’s a minimalist look that as much as possible gives focus on Jollibee, the character,” Zaldarriaga added.

She assured that the new look would appeal to everyone from the young children who now has a bigger area to run around, to those who simply wants to eat and go, or even the more matured customers who wants a relaxing, cozy and loungy place to hang around.

The 1, 700 square-meter, two-storey shop could accommodate up to 350 people inside and even more people especially with an al fresco area provided at the entrance, to the function room/party place at the second level.

Benny Dizon, Jollibee Engineering Division head, said the new store- the 15th in Pasig- also adopted the “green designs” from the use of more natural light through the bigger windows, to the use of CFL and LED lights and a chiller aircon which combines efficient, cooling system throughout the whole store and at same time, not take much energy.

Creative visions in concrete

Úterý, Listopad 8th, 2011

The awards ceremony was held last week in Tshwane at the Association of Arts Pretoria.

He beat 60 entries received for this year’s competition capturing the theme of Our Strength, Your Vision, which is the hallmark of PPC’s values that encouraged artists entering the YCSA competition, to rely on its products in bringing their artistic vision to life.

Daling won the grand prize of R50000 with his work entitled The Hole We Found. His sculpture is a concrete manhole pipe that has been ingeniously rigged with LED lighting and two-way mirrors, creating the illusion of a bottomless shaft with a descending ladder.

The work deals with the expansion of cities, and their vast network of tunnels that are constantly being built to carry water, gas, electricity and digital information.

Talking about his work, Daling said: “As humans one cannot predict the future of art by looking at the past anymore.

“In the same way technology is currently creating a ladder of infinite possibilities”.

Daling graduated from the University of Pretoria with a bachelor of fine arts degree. He has a passion for new media art and focuses on interactive installations, often using technologies like infrared lighting, lasers, projectors, mapping, computer vision and software programming.

He has also recently started experimenting with bronze sculpture and graffiti stencilling and hopes to combine these mediums with his new media artwork in the future.

The judging panel described Daling’s work as “conceptually stimulating” and “appreciated the transformation of the concrete by using different mediums into something illusionary and interesting.” The runner-up prize of R25000 was awarded to Johannesburg-based Regardt van der Meulen, for his piece Sleeps With The Fishes.

The title of Van Der Meulen’s artwork alludes to the mafia practice of “concrete shoes”, whereby the underworld used to sink their adversaries to murky depths.

The phrase, according to Van Der Meulen, was adopted in the US as a humorous term, representing any threat from criminals, and later gave rise to the euphemism of death, as someone who sleeps with fish.

Merit awards to the value of R5000 went to Noko Alpheus Mello for his concrete and steel sculpture entitled Sacrifice and Mandy Johnston, for her work made from concrete and sand from different Johannesburg mine dumps, entitled Transcending The Material.

A certificate of recognition was also issued to Lebitsi Milton Nelson Thaba for his works entitled Puppet Master & Projectile Effect.

The certificate was issued on the basis that the works were showing technical ability and were visually engaging.

The YCSA competition started as one of PPC’s centenary celebrations 20 years ago and remains one of the most interesting, creative and long standing concrete sculptor competitions in South Africa.

Designed to encourage young artistic expression in all its forms, the competition’s critical specification is that the medium utilised to create the art piece is concrete.

Applebee’s finishes Minot remodel

Úterý, Listopad 1st, 2011

All that work definitely paid off when the first customers saw it and couldn’t contain their enthusiasm.

“The the word ‘wow’ came from many customers,” Gousheh said. “‘Wow, that’s great.’ You didn’t have to ask them, they just expressed it right away when the stepped into the place.”

“They really enjoy the clean look, less items on the walls and everything, and nice pictures,” Giroux added.

The exterior of the building had some pretty big changes of its own. Some of the neon lights around the building’s perimeter were taken down to provide a more subdued look. The old, striped awnings were taken down and replaced with green ones featuring the Applebee’s apple logo, while LED lighting behind them really brightens things up.

“And then we added the front entrance, it almost looks like a tower as you come in,” Giroux said. “It’s really changed the look of that (entrance).”

Light-colored stonework has also been added to the building’s facade to complement the older red brickwork, giving the exterior an almost entirely different look.

Giroux said they were going for a cleaner, more simplified appearance with the remodel, which is a change customers have asked for in the past. As for himself, Giroux likes the new look as much as the customers.

“I really enjoy it. I just think the murals, especially being local, really kind of brings home into the workplace,” Giroux said, noting this is the third remodel he’s been through and so far it’s his favorite.

“I think once I see the people - they enjoy it very much, I feel they really do - I’m just so happy to see that,” Gousheh added. “I am for the people. When the people are happy, I am happy.”

To everyone involved, this isn’t just an Applebee’s, it’s Minot’s Applebee’s. Everyone, from the owners to management to the staff, are not only extremely proud of the restaurant, but of the city as well.

“Overall it brought the spirit of Minot into this place, a place that really shows the pride for the city here,” Gousheh said.

“This is North Dakota’s first Applebee’s, it’s owned by two guys from Minot, and it’s very personal to them,” Schilling added.