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Hartz site proposal heads to Bloomfield council

Čtvrtek, Červenec 12th, 2012

With Hartz Mountain preparing to leave Bloomfield, the site’s prime location on Bloomfield Avenue next to an array of transportation options is an ideal spot for a “hybrid” mixed-use development, a planner said.

The township’s professional developer consultant, David Roberts of Maser Consulting, told the Bloomfield Planning Board on Tuesday that the proposed development’s close proximity to the Watsessing Avenue Train Station, Grove Street Light Rail and eight bus routes would make it a “transit-oriented district.”

The plan resembles a “hybrid” mixed-use development because the project does not conform to vertical development normally associated with those projects, he said. While most have businesses on the first floor with residential units stacked on top, this project calls for business fronts along the Bloomfield Avenue property with residential units behind, he said.

“Effectively, this will have to be a self-contained development,” he said.

With a 5-2 vote with four absences, the Planning Board voted to send the project to the Township Council for review. Susanna Sotillo and Richard Stephan voted against the proposal. Questioning Roberts prior to the vote, Sotillo said she had concerns about traffic along Bloomfield Avenue.

While the property can hold up to 395 residential rental units between three and four stories, Roberts said there is no final unit tally. The complex will be exclusively for two-bedroom units, Roberts said. A developer’s representative once said it would have two- and three-bedroom apartments.

As this project is debated, Bloomfield is wrestling on how to deal with at least nine other projects under construction or on the drawing board. The majority of the township council agreed in June to explore a study for the township’s short- and long-term planning.

Save Bloomfield Now released a statement prior to Tuesday’s meeting, stating it is interested in finding out if there an environmental report for the project.

Because the land is a Brownfield site - a former industrial complex - it would need to be cleaned up. “Issues” with the soil may dictate where residential and retail units are located, Roberts said, without elaborating.

According to Save Bloomfield Now’s Facebook page, it is a nonpartisan group not against redevelopment. They fight “over-development and other bad local government policies that sacrifice the long-term best interests of Bloomfield for dubious short-term gain,” according to its Facebook site.

Hartz, a pet goods manufacturer, announced in 2010 that it will close in Bloomfield - where it had been since the 1960s - and move its production facilities to Ohio. Nearly 180 employees will be laid off.

While the company said at the time it expected to be off the land by the end of 2011, it appears some offices there are still in use. A company spokesman could not be immediately reached Wednesday.

About 20 residents attended the meeting, and three asked Roberts questions. Carol Humphries said she wanted to make sure the project is in the best interest of the taxpayers, not the developer. Sue Ann Penna raised concerns about traffic and the number of parking spaces available.

Roberts said the abandoned train track next door could be turned into a pedestrian walkway, connecting the former Hartz property with Watsessing Avenue station.

TheFireStorecom Has Pelicans New LED Flashlight

Čtvrtek, Květen 10th, 2012

The NEW 3715 Right Angle LED Flashlight from Pelican, available from TheFireStore, is packed with unique features that will be invaluable on-scene. Available in three body and shroud combinations, the 3715 LED Flashlight is proudly made in the U.S.A. and comes with Pelican’s legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

The 3715 LED flashlight features a new downcast lighting mode which incorporates three 5mm LEDs (32 lumens) to safely light your every step, enable first responders to read and write documents and reports, and converse without blinding fellow responders. Pelican has incorporated the next-generation main LED light that generates up to 174 lumens. A second set of powerful LEDs combines to cut through smoke and to light up to 278 meters.

Four light modes–high (174 lumens), low (95 lumens), downcast (32 lumens) and signaling/flashing (142 lumens)–are powered by four AA batteries (sold separately). Run times range from 4 hours 45 minutes on high to 8 hours 30 minutes on low, 10 hours on signaling, and 31 hours in downcast mode.

A push-button switch at the top of the light allows for quick mode changes without fumbling and displacing your light source, even while wearing gloves. Its wide body and heavy duty clip prevent flopping and unstable lighting.

Another worry-free feature is the low-battery indicator showing battery strength at a glance. Four blue LEDs are built into the switch for instant updates. A tethered battery door keeps it securely fastened to the flashlight body for worry-free battery changes on-scene.

The NEW 3715 Right Angle LED Flashlight is available from TheFireStore in three color combinations: safety yellow with black shroud, black with black shroud or safety yellow with photoluminescent shroud. The photoluminescent shroud collects ambient light and will glow in the dark for up to 30 minutes after the light is off.

Pelican’s 3715 Right Angle LED Flashlight has proven itself against the hardest conditions. Constructed of nearly indestructible polymer, this flashlight has been rated for a drop test of two meters. It has also earned IPX4 water resistance rating and Class I, Division 1 advanced safety approval. This flashlight will light your way through some of the most dangerous environments.

Wind power plan positive: Chamber

Pátek, Březen 30th, 2012

The city’s use of power generated by the wind farm to control electricity costs for businesses and provide free lighting for outdoor recreational fields is viewed by the president of the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce as a positive move.

Todd Clark said the innovative use of wind-generated power is a strong incentive for economic development within the city.

“The one real statement that is worthy of comment is that they’re leveraging their windmills in a tremendous way by providing discounts to groups for lighting on the fields and also for an incentive for economic development by guaranteeing locked-in electrical rates for business,” Clark said following the city’s budget annual meeting.

Clark said the impact on smaller businesses wouldn’t be substantial but it is the larger energy consuming businesses that would see the greatest benefits.

“For small business this is not a big deal if you’ve got a $100 a month power bill,” he said. But for a company like Tube Fab to get a power rate locked in with no increases for a few years, that’s a pretty significant amount. Those guys burn a lot of electricity. Those types of things I feel are pretty good.

“We would have liked to have seen commercial rates go down again as they did in the past but unfortunately that’s the times we’re in,” Clark said.

The chamber president said the business organization appreciated the support Councillor Jeff Sullivan gave them when he voted against the 2012 tax rate because it did not contain a two-cent reduction in the commercial tax rate.

“We’re certainly with him on that one,” Clark said. “Lowering commercial tax rates in attracting business pays off in spades. It’s better to collect more tax money at a lower rate than less at a higher rate. There are so many spin-offs that you get by creating enterprise.”

Clark said another positive aspect about the budget was council’s decision to continue the Economic Development Incentive Plan for the city.

Under this plan projects over $500,000 with at least a 25 per cent commercial component would qualify for no incremental municipal taxes for up to five years and up to a five year freeze on electrical rates.

Clark said the plan is an adequate incentive for development.

“There are some tax incentives and some power discounts,” he said. “Given the way today’s world energy prices are rising, if they can guarantee power rates it’s an incentive. It’s not a big giant hook but it’s better than nothing.”

Taking a look at the redesigned 2012 BMW 650i

Pondělí, Březen 26th, 2012

What can I say about this car? This is the same car with which I keep falling in love again and again and never get tired. I can keep driving this car on the roads to feel the pleasure that it gives to me. There is no doubt that 2012 BMW 65i is one of the sexiest cars available on planet at the moment.

Not only that this car looks good and feels good from inside but the exterior of the car can also make you feel a lot better. I could feel the admirable eyes of all those on the road while I was driving that car. It was amazing when I had the top down as it is a convertible car so you can keep the top up or down.

It is difficult to describe this new BMW in a single or two words. This car is perfectly classy, beautiful, gorgeous and sexy at the same time. You never fined such cars again and again.

This year (2012), The BMW 650i has got a complete makeover as it has undergone redesigning process. It has got larger wheels now and the engine has been converted into turbo charge engine this time.

There are fewer cars that are in competition with this one but still we can name few like Mercedes Benz E550 and Jaguar XK. Both these cars are offering style and luxury at the same time. However, if you look at the styling of BMW that it has got of redesigning, you will not be able to resist yourself admiring this car. BMW 650i has been converted into a car that is highly desirable at the moment.

We know that BMW has different series of cars like 3 series, 4 series and this car is from 6 series. There are two models available in BMW 6 series at the moment that are 640i and 650i. The option to buy a coupe or a convertible one is available in both models.

640i has 18 inch wheel, automatic xenon headlights, adaptive suspension, automatic wipers, LED fog lights, Power folding mirrors, parking sensors, keyless ignition/ entry, large tilt over sunroof, memory functions, power tilt, leather upholstery, telescoping steering wheel, dual zone automatic climate control, auto dimming mirrors, rear view camera and cruise control.

If you buy 650i then you get the same features but there are some additions like you will get a V8 engine, 16 way comfort seats and 19 inch alloy wheels.

You can also get a package of side view and top view cameras for driver’s assistance. New technology is also used called blind spot detection, automatic high beams are added and lane departure warning system can also be acquired.

There are some other options that you can consider like installing 20 inch wheels, active steering, LED headlights, infrared night vision display, active roll stabilization, enhanced interior trim and extended leather upholstery.
A person interested in buying this car should do some more research to find out what are some other things that are being offered by the manufacture.

Baltimore lifeboat is like little republic of its own

Pondělí, Srpen 22nd, 2011

MY house in Baltimore was reputedly occupied by the Victorian coastguard officer (clearly a hardy soul who made LED diving flashlight of the water that weeps from its sea-sand walls) so I take a proprietorial interest in the comings and goings in Baltimore Harbour.

Last Monday night I was standing at the window, watching the whitecaps fade in the foggy light and joking on the phone with Paul Cusack who, with his wife Elma, and extended Cusack family, was sitting snug in Annie May’s in Skibbereen, celebrating his mother-in-law Eleanor’s 90th birthday.

Just as I was getting into a good riff about what tourists would make if Jeremy Irons (alas, away filming) turned up at the feast in full Borgia mode, I heard a coastguard helicopter heading out to sea. And I knew the Baltimore lifeboat would be out there too, looking for those in trouble with the sea.

Your name is George David. You are 69 years old but fitter than men 20 years younger. You are a Harvard graduate, a Rhodes Scholar and a multi-millionaire, and have been racing yachts since you were a boy.

You are taking part in the Fastnet Race in your 18m yacht Rambler 100. You were tipped to win with the help of your special canting keel. You have rounded the Fastnet Rock and are beating into the wind.

Five miles south of the Fastnet, you hear a bang. You look up but the mast still stands. You know the special keel has snapped. You have 30 seconds before the boat capsizes and you are flung into the sea.

You have no time to send a Mayday. You can’t get back to the hull where the crew is scrambling. You tie yourself and your girlfriend Wendy Touten and three others together. You drift into the darkness.

You try to keep Wendy awake. But after almost three hours in the water her body temperature is only one degree away from the sleep of death. You know the sea drowns rich and poor with equal indifference.