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Marco Island Planning Board says swale parking must stop

Úterý, Květen 8th, 2012

Irvin listed Tigertail Beach with 287 parking spaces as an underutilized facility. He suggested better signage to Tigertail and roadway upgrades including turn lanes would make it easier to travel toward and from the area. County residents can obtain stickers to park for free at Tigertail Beach and the county’s south beach parking area. All others pay $8.

Debbie Roddy, a member of the city’s Beach Advisory Committee, said if free parking in the swales is available, any solution that required people to pay for access would not work.

“The county recorded 2,145 turnarounds at the Tigertail Beach toll booth in a year’s time,” she said. “Those are people who just don’t want to pay.”

She also said the county was close to completing its sixth boardwalk at the south end of Tigertail Beach. With the new boardwalk, getting to the beach would take about the same time as parking in Swallow Avenue swales and walking to south beach.

City Council Chairman Larry Magel urged the board to consider all swale parking problems, not just the south beach area. The board agreed the city needed a global solution but felt swale parking should be banned entirely on Swallow Avenue, Seagrape Drive, Swan Drive and Maple Avenue.

In other action, the planning board held a public hearing to amend an ordinance on temporary signage. To accommodate special events, the board moved to permit seven signs to remain on public right-of-ways for seven days. The original ordinance was written for 10 signs, but recent permits have allowed only five. The decision was a compromise.

Lana Fitzgerald, publicity chairwoman for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church’s annual flea market, thanked the board for helping service groups and churches promote their events.

The board discussed banning light-emitting diode (LED) signs. The Marco Lutheran Church and Tommie Barfield Elementary have LED signs on their properties. After discussing the safety hazards of rapidly changing messages, board members chose to allow LED signs but require a minimum time the message would appear. They voted to ban reader boards with flowing LED messages.

As part of temporary signage, the board banned political signs in city right-of-ways and signage using live animals or humans.

The Planning Board will hold a workshop at 9 a.m., May 18, in the Community Room, 51 Bald Eagle Drive, to formalize a swale parking plan. Final recommendations will be shared with city council at a later date. It will be up to council to move forward with an ordinance.

Samsung Smart TV throws down a challenge

Úterý, Březen 13th, 2012

“We’ve heard the rumors, too,” said Dan Schinasi, senior manager for HDTV product planning at Samsung, when I asked what he knew about Apple’s plans to introduce a multimedia-meshing Apple TV with unique control features.

“I think we’re making the point today that we’re already there,” said the Samsung man. “We’re ahead of the curve.”

Meet The Future: He was referencing the just launching 5th generation of Samsung Smart TVs, most especially the top-of-the-line ES and PNE 8000 series of LED/LCD and plasma televisions which offer every kind of “smart” user interface known to man (living or dead) on top of the expected excellent picture quality (in 2D & 3D) and sleek cosmetics.

Samsung’s new internet connected TV products were demonstrated to a press contingent in New York last week, 24 hours before Apple was about to uncover its newest toys.

Show ‘n Tell: For starters, you can “wake” the new Samsung Smart TVs to action with face recognition, voice command and gesture - waving and clenching a hand to select and “close the deal” on an input, web site or app from Samsung’s growing number of “signature services” like “Family Story” (creating a private social network for show ‘n tell.)

Even motion/voice controlled channel selection from a satellite or cable box is neatly integrated on these Smart TVs with special software and a wireless IR signal blaster.

Top 2012 sets also come with a slim, touch pad remote control with built-in noise-cancelling microphone for more intimate voice steering of operations. (My demonstrator couldn’t get the voice recognition to cooperate, but the room was super-noisy.)

You may also run these Smart TVs from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet or with a $99 wireless QWERTY keyboard (slim, light, full size.)

But Wait, There’s More: The sets also feature AllShare Play interactivity - for wirelessly moving content from one Samsung gizmo to another, with 5GB of free storage in the cloud. Can’t wait to see images from a Samsung digital camera popping up on the display screen of a Samsung refrigerator.

And there’s a product upgrade path (called “Smart Evolution”) for the 8000 series TV sets achieved through a special bay on the back. Just plugging-in a new module could instantly upgrade the microprocessor from dual to quad-core, tweak picture performance and install a bigger/faster feature set. “This is real,” said the product planner. “The upgrades start in 2013.” (How about putting a flash-based content recorder back there, to save, say, YouTube concerts?)

Who’s On First: Samsung and Apple are often at each other’s throats over design patents. When, that is, Samsung isn’t happily selling component parts to its archrival.

So I couldn’t help but sense yesterday that the company really was throwing down the gauntlet at the gang from Cupertino. Essentially saying “Go ahead Apple, make my day. Take us to court. Just try and claim ‘prior use’ on these features. Hell, we’ve got a room full of reporters who’ll testify they saw it here, first’.”

Post-Script: Be forewarned that the fullest featured Samsung sets will be costly. The LED edge-lit ES8000 LCD series arriving this month starts with a 46-inch set at $2,999, a 55-inch at $3,749, a 60-inch at $4,399 and later-coming 65-inch at $5,099. Similarly spiffy plasmas (my preferance) are less - $2,199 for a 51-inch PN51E8000, $3,079 for the 60-inch PN60E8000. With Samsung’s new “Unilateral Pricing Policy” there won’t be much discounting.

Jollibee’s new ‘lounge and cafe

Čtvrtek, Listopad 10th, 2011

JOLLIBEE Food Corporation, the biggest hamburger foodchain in the country, has now upped the dining experience with its new “lounge” and “cafe” inspired-look, that provides a more comfortable and relaxed ambiance but at the same time delivers the same “langhap-sarap” goodness that Jollibee has been known for.

“At Jollibee we constantly innovate and find ways to give our customers a pleasant dining experience especially since most of them consider our stores as their second home,” said Jollibee Assistant Vice President for Marketing Joel Villamayor.

Lounge chairs, soft-cushion ottomans, wider windows, high ceilings, box-shaped light fixtures, and more neutral and light colored walls.

These are the designs and features of the new Jollibee look which was introduced at its newest branch at corner of Amang Rodriguez and Marcos Highways in Pasig City.

“This fresh design shows our commitment to make our stores look more universal and at par with global standards that if you put it in a different country, it will go head on against international brands,” Jollibee design consultant Maricar Zaldarriaga said.

Zaldarriaga said the new Jollibee stores exudes a “minimalist, contemporary” look which has less clutter and a cleaner and wider look that are at same time comfortable, soft and allows one to bond.

She said it combines “upscale sophistication” and the “high energy, and cheerful” character of Jollibee.

“With this new look, it’s really very focused on Jollibee,” she said citing the use of the red color which is the loudest color in the sea of browns, beige, light green, white and yellows that are abundant in the store, and the new curved and more vibrant colored menu boards at the counter and at the drive thru to emphasize the food selection.

“Red is what draws the eye towards the whole architecture. It’s a minimalist look that as much as possible gives focus on Jollibee, the character,” Zaldarriaga added.

She assured that the new look would appeal to everyone from the young children who now has a bigger area to run around, to those who simply wants to eat and go, or even the more matured customers who wants a relaxing, cozy and loungy place to hang around.

The 1, 700 square-meter, two-storey shop could accommodate up to 350 people inside and even more people especially with an al fresco area provided at the entrance, to the function room/party place at the second level.

Benny Dizon, Jollibee Engineering Division head, said the new store- the 15th in Pasig- also adopted the “green designs” from the use of more natural light through the bigger windows, to the use of CFL and LED lights and a chiller aircon which combines efficient, cooling system throughout the whole store and at same time, not take much energy.

Clamping down on energy cash costs

Pátek, Září 9th, 2011

THE ANNOUNCEMENT in July by the UK government that the average domestic fuel bill will rise to 1,000 – or just above 4% of UK average diving light to nearly 400 press articles and a good deal of political debate. A less reported story was the increasing cost to business of the UK’s sustainable energy policy, which the government admits will lead to energy price rises of up to 10% per year.

One of the main issues driving the escalating costs is the increasing dependency of the UK economy on imported energy sources. To address this issue, the forthcoming Energy Reform Act will stimulate more UK energy being produced from local renewable sources, including nuclear energy.

However, it will be a long time before such renewable energy sources come online, which will leave UK businesses facing unpredictable energy costs for the foreseeable future. UK finance professionals will need to factor the unpredictability into their cost projections or, better still, establish processes to mitigate the impact of this unpredictability.

Finance directors need a strategy to help their organisations cope with four major energy issues that are rapidly approaching: a lack of mid-term pricing certainty, rapidly increasing energy costs, higher costs from more stringent compliance reporting, and – on the upside – renewable investment cost-saving opportunities.

The UK’s mix of energy sources leaves UK business increasingly dependent on non-UK providers and therefore very susceptible to the whims of the global energy market. Not only is there a diminishing supply of fossil fuels, there are also increasing demands on what is left, due to the high growth in energy consumption in the BRIC countries.

This is amplified by recent political events, such as the so-called Arab Spring, and economic events, such as fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate. Purchasing forward energy contracts when prices are volatile is risky. Such unpredictability can make FDs over-cautious and funds that might have been used for investment are set aside to insure against further rises in energy prices.

Library Project Utilizes State of Illinois Energy Efficiency Incentives

Pátek, Září 2nd, 2011

Helping reduce energy consumption, BlueStar Energy Solutions recently designed an energy saving lighting solution for the Village of Franklin Park’s Public Library.  Through the implementation of LED technology, BlueStar Energy helped the library achieve a 56 percent reduction in energy consumption.

The project focused on ways to earn energy cost savings, enhance the lighting levels in the library to address concerns about poor quality lighting; reduce overall wattage usage; and use the “greenest” technology available in the marketplace.  BlueStar Energy worked with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to secure approximately $19,000 in energy efficiency incentives toward the project by demonstrating the anticipated savings through the application of LED technology.

Troy Hammond, President of BlueStar Energy’s Demand Side Management said, “We are proud to help customize energy efficiency solutions for the Franklin Park Public Library, helping realize the potential for energy savings and meet their needs with new LED technologies.”

After an extensive facility audit, BlueStar Energy recommended an innovative LED lighting control system.  In addition to exceeding the principal need for enhanced lighting, the new system maximizes daylight harvesting technology, provides full dimmable controls and occupancy sensors.

“We had a unique challenge for BlueStar Energy to design an energy solution that met our residents’ needs for better lighting in the library,” said Stan Monkus, Franklin Park Public Library Business Manager. “We were presented with a comprehensive engineering report that demonstrated the savings earned through the use of LED technology, and we could not be happier with BlueStar Energy’s commitment with achieving our vision.”

Excellence in Recycling Awards announced

Středa, Srpen 31st, 2011

The 19th Annual Excellence in Recycling Awards Luncheon, held recently, rewarded several businesses and not-forprofits for their environmental stewardship.

The Allen County Solid Waste Management District awards the Closing the Loop Award and 3R Award as a way of encouraging local businesses and organizations to reduce the amount of waste headed to the area landfill. The Closing the Loop Award recognizes organizations that “Close the Loop” by purchasing and using products made with recycled content or by creating and manufacturing recycled content products.

In the Industrial/Manufacturing Firm category, General Motors, Fort Wayne Assembly was lauded for developing an absorbent recycling program. This program reuses absorbent mats and pads up to five times. Non-reusable mats and pads are shredded, mixed with recycled plastic, which are made into pellets and the pellets are then used to make automotive parts.

The 3R Award recognizes organizations’ efforts to develop and implement programs to divert waste from landfills through reducing, reusing and recycling. In the Industrial/Manufacturing Firm category for the award, Raytheon’s Fort Wayne Operation’s Waste Minimization Team’s efforts to educate and involve employees with recycling initiatives was selected as a winning concept. Raytheon’s Fort Wayne site recycled more than168 tons of paper, 107 tons of scrap metal, more than three tons of fluorescent bulbs and batteries and 2.38 tons of plastic bottles. The cafeteria eliminated Styrofoam cups and plates and the cash registers now print one receipt, not two.

In the Commercial Business Firm category, Press-Seal Gasket established a “Top 10” list of materials to be recycled. Each of the “Top 10” was given a goal, measured, and the resulting data was shared with staff and upper management. This helped Press-Seal Gasket reduce their waste stream by 66 percent from 45,000 pounds to only 15,000 pounds being landfilled per month.

In the Not-for-Profit category for the 3R Award, there was a tie this year.

Baltimore Orioles Legend Mike Flanagan Passes Away

Pátek, Srpen 26th, 2011

Mike Flanagan was much more than the 1979 Cy Young Award winner who LED diving flashlight his team to a World Series appearance. He was much more than an integral component of the Baltimore Orioles 1983 World Championship team. He was more than the last man to ever start a game at the historic Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

Known for his friendship, humor and dedication to the Orioles, Mike Flanagan was truly an icon to the city of Baltimore, Maryland. He passed away today at the age of 59 years old.

Flanagan joined the Orioles as a seventh round draft choice in 1973. He made the Orioles in 1975 and struggled at first.

“He was something like 2-9 that year,” recalled Orioles Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer. “Earl Weaver, the Orioles Hall of Fame manager, told the press that Flanagan was destined to be a winner. He really didn’t mean it. but he wanted to help Flanagan along.”

Flanagan finished up that year 15-10 after the Weaver quote. It was the beginning of a career where Flanagan would win 167 games and lose 143 at a 3.90 earned run average. Flanagan became a tough as nails starter who epitomized “The Oriole Way.”

Rick Dempsey, the Orioles catcher who was the 1983 World Series MVP, recalled Flanagan after the Orioles won it all that year.

“We were still disappointed in losing the 1979 series, so we did a lot of hard work to win it all in 1983. After we did, we wrote ‘Now We Can Go Home’ on Flanagan’s back in shaving cream.”

Palmer and Dempsey openly wept at the passing of Flanagan on the Orioles Television Network after the team beat the Oakland Athletics for a third straight time. News of Flanagan’s passing was given to them after the conclusion of the Orioles’ latest victory. Buck Showalter, now the team’s current manager, also shed tears and was only able to answer the one question from a crying reporter.

Flanagan did just about every duty imaginable for his beloved team. Not only was he once the Orioles general manager, but he twice served as a pitching coach and television analyst for the organization.

Dancing is encouraged by the staff and performers

Pátek, Srpen 19th, 2011

The club plays “everything but classical and hip hop,” said Brennan Reilly, from jazz to oldies rock to beach music to big band to Motown. Regular performers include Doc Scantlin, Beatlemania and Satin Doll Jazz.

Brennan Reilly said he appreciates it when performers “do more than get up there and sing. They make it a night out. That’s one of the benefits of having such a small venue. That’s ultimately what we try to do here. To make it more fun than just seeing a concert.”

Dancing is encouraged by the staff and performers. “You don’t have to be professionally trained to dance. Everybody can get up and have a good time,” said Sharon Reilly.

They hold charitable events as well as political fundraisers. “We’re equal opportunity,” said Brennan Reilly. John Warner, Mark Warner and Patsy Ticer have all held events there. “There isn’t anything in the meeting or event area that we can’t do,” said Hewitt.

Although the music is often the focus, the Carlyle Club is, after all, a supper club.

“The purpose is to come here and enjoy the music and have an excellent meal. But you don’t need to be a foodie,” said Sharon Reilly.

The style of food is “American kind of steak and seafood,” said Brennan Reilly.

Meaghan Reilly, the oldest daughter of Sharon and Brennan Reilly, runs the hostess stand. At 16, she has gotten her friends from school involved in the upkeep up the Carlyle Club. She said she likes “the whole atmosphere” and “I like working with the different bands that come here. I get to know them.”

Waiter Joseph Elian echoes her sentiment. “I enjoy every band that comes here … I love it here. I enjoy every moment of it.”