Tell us about Promptec’s products in the field of solar power

One of Promptec’s main focus areas is in solar lighting. However, lighting is on the consumption side and hence it can be used with energy generated from solar, wind and biomass applications. Promptec has developed solar charge controllers, battery chargers to integrate with renewable energy generators. This helps to store the energy in the battery. Some of the key products we manufacture in this area include solar street lights of various capacities, solar home lights, solar lanterns and solar charge controllers.

India is beginning to see a sharp growth in grid-connected solar power capacity under the JNNSM. What is your outlook for solar energy in India?

Yes, there is significant adoption of solar power packs as an alternate source of energy. Thanks to the JNNSM scheme and also the “productized” approach of companies, adoption is becoming easier. It is very important to cut the demand by using energy-efficient products such as LED while implementing the solar power solution. As LED lights save more than 60 per cent energy, the cost of implementation of solar power solutions can significantly come down with adoption of LED.

Tell us the role played by off-grid solar solutions like solar-based LED lanterns etc in rural electrification. What are Promptec’s product offerings in this field?

Solar-based lighting products are very useful and can operate without grid connectivity, especially in rural areas where there are huge power cuts and also absence of grid connectivity. However, this is a cost-sensitive market. We have developed an innovative lantern product which reduces cost burden on customer and provides best of the quality. The light output, duration of light and reliability of product are unmatched. We have sold more than a million lanterns over the last five years and we intend to sell at least a million lanterns over next 2 years.

Please summarize your view on the increasing role played by renewable energy solutions-both as upstream power generators and downstream power consuming devices-in India’s quest for meeting growing energy demands and mitigating carbon footprint.

Renewable energy, especially solar, not only forms a green and clean solution but also due to the gradual reduction in panel prices, it is becoming affordable, fast and easy to implement.A 1-mw thermal power station may take about a year to install while solar would take less than four months. Thanks to the government push, adoption has significantly increased. In a couple of years, you will notice that solar power will be a common scene in households as well.

Similarly, with power cuts and increase in power tariffs, energy efficient devices such as LED lights reduce significant burden on consumers.

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